Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's Wonderful Staying at Your Parent's House?

To say things have not gone as planned would be an understatement. We thought we did everything right by researching  a good place to get our RV and we paid for them do the inspection.  Of course they didn't inspect everything and we knew we would have some problems but we didn't think we would have so many before we hit the road.  So far we have had the following problems:

·         a leak in the bedroom (twice) slide seal was fixed but obviously wasn't the problem
·         Some wires were cut so we couldn't hook up to 50 amps ( could have caused a fire)
·         burning outlet in our bedroom
·          hot water had an onion odor even after cleaning it multiple times
·          the dash A/C was blowing hot air
·         our refrigerator was going up into the 60's
·         Our LP detector kept going off (not a big deal)
·     generator had a leak

Most of these issues have been fixed by the place we purchased it except we are still waiting to get the electrical issues finished up. They also couldn't recreate the issue with the refrigerator so we aren't sure what to do about that. I guess at least it works sometimes. There were recently floods in the area and so the mobile repair man has not been able to come put in our new transfer switch and a new outlet. Right now the RV is back in storage until he can come fix it.

Our RV parked outside my parents house- it barely fit

We were supposed to leave April 15th. Luckily we were able to cancel our RV Park reservations and get most of our money back. We have been staying at my parents house again for almost two weeks. I feel like I should change the blog name to "It's Wonderful Staying at Your Parent's House" . We have lived here more than we have in our RV since we moved out of our apartment.  

Chris and I have both been busy working on some additional ways to make money while on the road. Chris is starting his own company called Big Red Grafix where he will do some freelance art work and graphics. Here are a couple of things he has made that I love: 

A JJ Watt shirt Chris made when he had his T-Shirt business called Big Red Threads
A logo for our nephews baseball team

A picture Chris painted of our dog Remus and cat Pixie

Some cool graphics Chris worked on for an app

I have been busy making amigurumi (crochet animals) and want to eventually start my own etsy shop and make a facebook page.  In my first two weeks I have already received 15 orders and made over 20 octopi and a couple pigs. 
glow in the dark octopi
mini octopi

I have also been harassing all the birds and ducks in Houston the camera I got for my birthday. lol I'm sure my friends are tired of them by now. 

Nibbles the squirrel that is always in my parents back yard
Adorable duckling
Just my attempt at an artsy tree pic :)

Even though we have had a couple set backs we  aren't discouraged and are even more determined and excited to hit the road at this point. We are thinking we might go ahead and install some wood laminate floors and fix up the inside of the RV while we are still here. Once we hit the road maybet he RV will look the way we want. The carpet in the bedroom should probably come up anyway since that is where we had the leak.

This time we decided to not even make concrete plans because last time all it did was stress us out trying to leave by April 15th. We know we want to be in Washington D.C. area in June to visit Chris's aunt so hopefully we can at least make that. Then after that I think the gorgeous west coast is calling!

A picture from last September when we went to visit my sister and her family.